Jeremy Blaiklock, the owner of Seaflower Garden & Design, has been working in gardens almost all of his life, starting on his parents' organic farm in Arrowsic, Maine. After moving to Pittsburgh, PA in 1992, he naturally started working in the landscaping field. He soon advanced to crew foreman at a small organic landscaping company in Pittsburgh`s East End, a position he held for four years. In 1998 he left to start his own business and in 2002 he moved back to Arrowsic. When not gardening, he helps his lovely wife raise their two children (Sebastian, age 18, and Rowan, age 15) and works on building a wooden boat.

Jeremy also volunteers generously at the Maine's First Ship project. Visit to find out more about this exciting endeavor to preserve and enhance Maine's history by building a faithful replica of the Virgina, the first ship built in North America by English colonists (1607-08).

Jeremy’s philosophy of design:
I believe in creating gardens based on the needs of my clients, not the whims of current fashion or the dictates of my own ego. Site considerations, uses of the garden, architecture of the house, the client`s personal color and plant favorites are all brought into play. Each garden reflects the enthusiasm and interests of the client and my own experience and creativity.

Every design combines year-round interest, exciting color combinations, and a variety of foliage into a harmonious whole. Lighting, trellises, water features, sculptures, and assorted garden whimsies can add functionality and set off the plants to their fullest advantage. The completed garden should delight in any season and from any angle.

Do No Harm - This is the underlying principle behind all our gardening practices. Organic gardening is more than just avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. All the various ecological components, including soil biology, drainage, vegetation types, etc., must be taken into consideration. By working with the natural systems instead of trying to dominate them, we create a functioning natural landscape that is aesthetically no different than a conventional one. It will have the added benefits of being safer for you and your family, and often less expensive to maintain.

Seaflower Garden and Design adheres to the organic landcare standards developed by the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA).

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