Regarding Leaf Blowers

It’s fall once again, and once again we are being treated to numerous editorials, posts, and rants about the stupidity and general evilness of leaf blowers. And really, they are stupid and spew a lot of greenhouse gasses and make a really annoying racket. But all those writers make no effort to understand why they are so popular with landscapers, so I thought I would shed some light on the other side of the issue.

First, they make the job easier. By which I mean the professional gets to expend less (personal) energy to get the job done. When you spend 40 hours a week for the better part of two months raking leaves, believe me, you are going to want to find an easier way. Homeowners who spend few weekends a year raking don’t get this, and why would they, but the pros are grateful. Those of us who have made this a career are always happy to find a tool that will beat up their bodies a little less.

Second, it’s faster. And I mean significantly, maybe even twice as fast as raking in some instances. Faster means cheaper for the customer, and more money for the landscaper, as they can clear more lawns in a day. If the competition uses them, so do you, to stay competitive.

Lastly, they allow you to clear EVERYTHING off the lawn. People who hire landscapers to keep their lawns immaculate really like this – it just makes their little OCD brains zing with glee. The amount of effort to replicate this using hand tools is enormous, even if you could find a landscaper with the patience to do it.

Given all these advantages, I’m pretty sure leaf blowers are here to stay, despite the very real environmental issues associated with them. And the really annoying racket.

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