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Regarding Leaf Blowers

It’s fall once again, and once again we are being treated to numerous editorials, posts, and rants about the stupidity and general evilness of leaf blowers. And really, they are stupid and spew a lot of greenhouse gasses and make a really annoying racket. But all those writers make no effort to understand why they […]

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Yes, I am slowly being dragged into the modern world of social media, starting, and probably ending, with Facebook. (and I do know that FB is totally passe’ now, but hey, I’m trying). So if you are curious, go to Seaflower Garden & Design, and “like” it. or give us a review. There will be […]

A big change

       On this, the vernal equinox, spring is upon us, although you would never know it based on the weather and the amount of snow still piled up. I am sure everyone is spending at least a few moments thinking about their garden.        After 20 years of being a professional gardener, I am […]

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