A big change


     On this, the vernal equinox, spring is upon us, although you would never know it based on the weather and the amount of snow still piled up. I am sure everyone is spending at least a few moments thinking about their garden.

       After 20 years of being a professional gardener, I am finding my true joy is in designing landscapes, not pulling weeds.  Rather than let the quality of garden care decline I will stop personally doing this maintenance work. Unfortunately, my helper Aaron will not be available to take over, as he is leaving the business. Therefore, Seaflower Garden & Design will no longer provide regular maintenance services, instead focusing solely ondesign and selected installations.

     I’m a little bit sad to be no longer working in the gardens that my clients and I created together, but I know that it’s for the best for me and my family. While I will be focusing primarily on the creative side of my business, I will always be available for consultations and questions. It has been  an amazing learning experience to be able to care for a wide variety of gardens and landscapes. I will certainly be putting this hard won knowledge to use designing gardens that work well for their location and conditions.

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